OUR LASTEST RESCUE DOG – We are forever grateful to the amazing and tireless rescue work of Faith Easdale (yes, we did name this little girl after her) and Jim Ralston, who never give up on any dog, including this little pup, who was running for weeks or months in a rural area in San Bernardino. She was so matted she could barely see, or even eat. A good Samaritan watched her try and drink milk from a bowl that someone had left out for cats. Fortunately, the person reached out to Faith and Jim and, determined to save her, they kept going back to where she had last been seen, and Jim-bless him- got her to go into a trap with chicken inside, right before Labor Day.

The awful matted hair on her face was cut off right away – it was full of weeds and caked with mud, and a very kind groomer spent her Labor Day giving Faith a bath and shaving her completely. Faith came to us the next day and I took her immediately to our vet, Veterinary Care Center, where we learned that this emaciated little girl was only 6 pounds- you could see her spine. She is estimated to be four years old.

I cannot imagine how she survived all this time- alone and suffering… thank goodness her saviors showed up just in time! Faith is on my lap in a pink sweater as I write this – she has gained weight- eating home-cooked delicious food and she sleeps in the crook of my arm every night.

There are no words to say thank you to those rescuers like Faith and Jim who are in the trenches of rescue- saving animals in desperate need and bringing them to safety, and NEVER giving up. It definitely took faith to save FAITH. We are so glad she is with us – and when she is ready, (too thin to be spayed yet) we will find her a wonderful forever home!

Videos of Faith: