Finding Danny

The Forgotten Dog Foundation Co-Founder Linzi Glass
Publishes Middle Grade Novel about Animal Shelters

The foundation’s co-founder, Linzi Glass wrote a middle grade novel to help educate, enlighten and inspire kids everywhere to adopt animals from shelters. The book was published in 2010 by Harper Collins Children’s Books.

Finding Danny was then published by Scholastic Book Clubs in 2011. To date it has sold over 200,000 and has inspired many children to get involved with volunteering at local rescue groups and shelters in their areas.

Her dog, Danny, is missing and 12-year-old Bree is devastated! During her quest to find him, Bree’s heart is opened to the plight of the animals in a local shelter. Will she find Danny and save the shelter dogs!

Since it’s release, Scholastic Books has sold over 200,000 copies!!!