Board of Directors

Linzi Glass

Co-founder of The Forgotten Dog Foundation, Linzi is an acclaimed young adult and children’s book author, philanthropist and dedicated animal advocate, having worked in the trenches of animal rescue for more than 9 years. In 2006, she was given the Woman of Action Award by The Israel Cancer Research Fund for her accomplishment as a writer and her philanthropic work which includes co-founding a charity to raise money for bone marrow transplants for children with cancer (The Jeffrey Katz Fund/Ronald McDonald House, LA) and for her ongoing work in animal rescue in Los Angeles.

Linzi has successfully published three novels. Her third book, “Finding Danny”, that deals with the world of shelters and animal rescue, was published in May 2010 by Walden Pond Press/Harper Collins Books. It was then published by Scholastic Books in 2011 and has sold over 200,000 copies. Her first novel, “The Year the Gypsies Came,” published in 2006, was nominated for the prestigious Carnegie Medal in the U.K. and voted one of the best books for young adults by the American Library Association. Linzi’s second novel, “Ruby Red” was first published 2007 and short-listed for the Carnegie Medal. Both books were published in multiple foreign languages. Linzi works as a writing consultant and writing instructor through the UCLA Extension Writer’s Program. To link to her writer’s website go to


Emily Herakovich


emilyIn between yoga clients and helping women in labor, Emily lends a hand to animals in need. Since she can remember, Emily had a strong interest in animals of all kinds. Her interest grew into a determination to do something and so she joined the team at The Forgotten Dog Foundation. Now, she’s the Treasurer and resident flyer maker. And spreads the love elsewhere whenever she can. She’s permanently rescued 5 of her own little sentient beings: 2 cats, dogs and 1 bunny! And she dreams of rescuing hundreds more in her lifetime.


Jaimie du Bois


One of Jaimie’s favorite activities as a child was watching her two retrievers dig in her Father’s garden and trotting around the house with his flowers in their mouths. Now as a mother to two French Bulldogs — Bazooka and Sean Connery — Jaimie couldn’t be happier devoting her time to the betterment of animals’ lives.


Gina Castillo


photo-150x150A wife and busy mom of 6 boys didn’t stop Gina from entering into the rescue world 12 years ago. She has worked with many Los Angeles rescues through the years fostering hundreds of dogs, and in 2015 started working with The Forgotten Dog Foundation. She now oversees all adoptions applications and inquiries, runs the social media, and foster program.. Being in rescue for so long has given her the insight and knowledge to find the perfect homes for the foundation’s rescue dogs. Gina has 3 foster failure pups of her own. She fosters, and has a dog sitting business which keeps her very busy, but she and her family love being in rescue and wouldn’t change it for the world.


Board Members

Michael Lushing
Raised in a household dominated by cats…Michael didn’t have his first dog until several years ago when his ex-wife and two young children surprised him by bringing home a baby German Shepard. Not being involved in the decision making process angered Michael…for all of about three seconds. That was how long it took for the new family puppy (Kelly) to extend her tongue and lick Michael’s face. That moment changed Michael’s life. To the chagrin of the rest of the family, Kelly selected Michael as her master…and the two were inseparable for the ten years Kelly was alive. Michael decided that Kelly needed a proper burial, and as a result she currently resides at the Calabasas Pet Cemetery. Michael’s work for The Forgotten Dog is his way of helping all the “Kelly’s” in the world find their perfect family.


Cary Granat20960-0-223x300
The Forgotten Dog Foundation co-founder, Cary owns and operates Granat Entertainment, a creator of family films, television, and books. As former CEO and co-founder of Walden Media, Cary oversaw the production of several beloved films including Academy Award-winning “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe,” “The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising,” “Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium” and “Nim’s Island.” Cary began his film career at Warner Bros. and then went on to serve as an executive at MCA/Universal before starting his tenure as president of Miramax Films’ Dimension Division. While at Dimension, he oversaw such projects as the successful Scream, Scary Movie and Spy Kids franchises.

Cary serves on the board of directors of World Information Transfer (WIT), a non-governmental organization in general consultant status with the United Nations. He is the owner of Yoda and Poo-Bear, pictured here, two Boston Terrier’s that he adores.


Lily Ebey-Field
Lily has always loved animals and was lucky enough to grow up around lots of animals like dogs, cats, chickens and goats. She has been a vegetarian for 19 years and around the same age of 11 years old began writing letters to companies that tested on animals to encourage them to change their policies. Lily adopted her first dog from the Forgotten Dog Rescue last year and could not be happier. She plans to add more to her family in the future. Lily believes that dogs are the best companions, friends and can teach people valuable lessons in compassion, friendship, patience, and fun. She has a dream of one day opening a rescue farm for animals to have a safe and loving place to live. Lily’s other love is sports with a background in fitness and sports management but would love to open a dog gym and day care center one day in the future!


Christine Buffer
Christine believes no house is a home without a four-legged family member. Her lifelong love of animals and the environment lead her to a biology degree and a career in environmental consulting. She is an avid supporter of animal welfare legislation and charities. Christine was introduced to The Forgotten Dog Foundation when she added her sweet dog, Coco, to her family. She now helps to improve the lives of abandoned dogs, one dog at a time. 


Volunteer Spotlight


Ella is a sixth grader with a passion for helping dogs in need. Her relationship with The Forgotten Dog Foundation dates back to 2010, when she and her family adopted their wonderful dog Olive, who was rescued with her siblings and mom as a stray puppy in Hacienda Heights. According to Ella, it was the “best decision we ever made.” Ella decided to give back by helping other dogs find their forever homes. In addition to working with the dogs at weekend adoption events – the highlight of her week – Ella is dedicated to educating others about the plight of stray and abandoned dogs in Los Angeles and the importance of rescue and adoption. She’s made and distributed flyers, written an article for her school’s student newspaper, made a presentation at a school assembly, and more. Later in 2015, Ella will be publishing for sale a photography book of all the dogs in her school community, and will donate the proceeds to The Forgotten Dog Foundation.