About Us

cropped-512_logo.pngWe are a Los Angeles-based non-profit organization comprised largely of dedicated volunteers who do rescue simply for the love of animals, especially those who are forgotten. Combined, we have rescued well over four thousand dogs, and with your help, we can save thousands more.

Being in the trenches of animal rescue is gut wrenching, exhausting, heart breaking and draining, both financially and emotionally. But it is also exhilarating, extraordinary and rewarding beyond words. There is no greater joy for those of us in rescue than uniting a shelter, street, abused, or abandoned dog with a wonderful new forever owner.

The dogs that we save are big and small, purebreds and mutts. They are shelter dogs that are set to be euthanized, dogs left in foreclosures and strays running the streets. We take in dogs that people can no longer keep because of the economy and abused dogs that are removed from their neglectful owners.

Our rescued “forgotten dogs” are given immediate medical attention, if needed. They are spayed or neutered, if they are not already, and are given all shots necessary the keep them healthy. We microchip all our rescue dogs and insist that collars and identification tags are kept on them at all times.

Most of our rescue dogs go directly into a loving and safe foster home. We believe that caging dogs long-term does not help in their recovery although it is sometimes necessary short-term in an emergency if a foster isn’t available and a dog’s life is at stake.

Our rescued dogs learn how to relax and play and nap on dog beds, (or couches and beds, if allowed) and chew on dog bones. They are fed nutritionally sound food to strengthen their usually depleted systems and they will learn to trust that not all human beings are cruel and unkind. They are socialized with other dogs. Our foster environments prepare them for their forever families.