Happy Tails

Abby and Sarah
“The girls are doing just fantastic. No problems at all – we love them so very much already and when I look at them when they are curled up sleeping with us, I still find it so hard to believe that they are really here. I just always remember back to their rescue video and to that one point in the video that I think did it for me…….Abby was talking pieces of burger from Eldad and kind of jumping around but Sara was still standing over on the road and Eldad reached over to her to try to give her some and she was just about to take it from him and a car went by and you could just see the fear on her face as she kind of cowered and looked from one side to the other – I really think that was the moment that made me want to try to add them to our family!” – Faye and Mike, Edmonton


For six months of his just ten month year old life, he suffered and survived on the streets of Watts … until we brought him home! This is the story of the transformation of one special dog in just three weeks. Meet Angelo, our angel boy!

Angelo, a filthy and matted puppy hid under cars and ran under buildings whenever Kathy, a kind woman who lives in Watts tried to get him. She would see him periodically, and then he would be gone, only to reappear weeks later. After six months of unsuccessfully trying to catch him, Kathy used one of her own little dogs to get the poor pup to come to her, and finally, on November 23rd, just a few weeks ago, Kathy finally got him! He was bloody with scabs and sores and grey, and matted, with hair so thick around his eyes he could barely see!
Through a fellow rescuer we learned of his plight and agreed to take him immediately.

His first stop was to our wonderful groomer Pam, who did the best she could to bathe him and shave him down. His skin was infected and because under his grey coat was a pure white dog, he was also sunburned from being in the elements with no protection for so long.

In the past few weeks, Angelo has been to the vets a few times to get neutered, microchipped and all vaccinations, but also to get cortisone shots and antibiotics to heal his skin. The vet estimated his age at more than ten months! He also gets special baths and grooming twice a week…and miraculously, having not ever know love or human kindness, he is the sweetest most affectionate boy! He plays great with other dogs and loves sleeping in his soft comfy dog bed and he is eating like a king. We are happy to say that Angelo is now thriving and is enjoying being a pampered pet!

UPDATE: Angelo (now named Sebastian) has been adopted by a wonderful family in Pacific Palisades. “I just wanted to let you know that Sebastian is doing fabulously well! He’s getting the hang of potty training. He loves cuddling with me and is totally bonding – follows me everywhere! He’s playing with Chummy – they seem to be getting along fine. Doing great on the leash and is using the dog door. We’re having a blast – we just love him!” — Jackie, Pacific Palisades


“What does Nelson mean to us? He’s part of the family! He’s a perfect dog! I love him so much that even though I’m a writer I can’t find the words to express all my love for him. Thank you dear Linzi for knowing he was the perfect dog for us!” – Barbara and Bob, Santa Monica, CA


Stanley and Stella
“Everyday my heart grows a little bit bigger & more at peace because of these two lil angels…thank you! Stanley & Stella are snuggled up with me on the couch watching the Olympics. BIG Hugs & Licks! X0 : )” – Rachael and Rick, Pacific Palisades, CA




“We are really enjoying having Henry as part of our family. He is very sweet and fun, and our dog Abby loves having a playmate! He loves to play outside and cuddle with the kids. We are so happy that Henry is with us, and we look forward to all the fun times ahead.” – Dayna and family (pictured here with son, Cole) Westwood, CA



Enzo was found chained to a fence in South Central Los Angeles with no food or water given to him for days. The Forgotten Dog Foundation saved him and found him his loving forever home where he is now spoiled rotten!

“Linzi thanks again for trusting us with Enzo. He is such a wonderful boy and a true Ambassador where ever we go. And we sure get a lot of attention (mostly good). We love him so much. He sure is a California boy though he likes to be warm and toasty. His upstairs bed (he has two) is a double decker with a feather duvet and a heating pad and then he is happy. Today the wind is really blowing and its trying to snow, so after romp in the trails he settles down in front of the fire. I laughed out loud when I read he was spoiled rotten.”


Hank, an adorable Parson Russell Terrier mix, was rescued by The Forgotten Dog Foundation after we received a frantic call from a good Samaritan who saw him in a horrific condition at an acquaintance’s home.

Hank was put on IV fluids and food. He was in such a weakened state that it was touch an go in the beginning. Fortunately, after a few days, although skin and bones, the vet agreed that he could leave. Cari Chanin agreed to foster him. She brought him home and immediately started plumping up the little guy.

Hank, with his renewed energy, was soon running around playing chase with Cari’s Border Collie, Clementine, and learning to play fetch. Exactly two months after being rescued, Hank weighed in at a whopping 14 lbs (a 40% increase in body weight) and is now neutered, micro-chipped and healthy!


We rescued sweet little Lula, a cocker spaniel mix, from the high kill Carson shelter on the day she was to be euthanized, only to discover that she had the deadly Parvo virus. After extensive medical care, we are delighted to say that Lula is a happy, healthy girl and is now ready for her forever home!







Harry and Hallie
We rescued Harry and Hallie, running in the middle of a busy street in a bad neighborhood. They were dirty, no collars and tags and Hallie was very thin. Neither had been neutered or spayed, had been given shots or were microchipped, so we first took care of them at the vets and gave them a good bath! It was very obvious, right from the beginning, that despite their age difference and breed difference, HARRY is about six years old, Hallie is only two, harry is a doxie/beagle, hallie is a spaniel mix, but they were very bonded. I have had them for about five months already. They sleep in one dog bed together and she grooms him every night. Harry only plays with Hallie, while Hallie will play with other dogs.


Abandoned in a foreclosure and living all alone FOR SIX MONTHS in a hard cement dog run, with no blankets or companionship, and food, passed under the gate on paper plates by kind neighbors, Maggy’s life was one of sadness and pain. Maggy is a senior shepherd and has arthritis, that was totally untreated.

When we received an email plea, to save this poor abandoned dog, we responded immediately and had her out and safely at the vet’s office that day! Maggy was in terrible shape. With lots of love, kindness and excellent medical care, Maggy is now, six months later, a happy, pain free and loved dog! Her wonderful fosters, Gina and Chad take her with them to the gym that they own every day in Long Beach, and Maggy is NEVER alone!

Maggy is a senior dog that needs a quiet, loving home where someone can focus on her and show her the love she deserves. Fine with other dogs and cats and good with people. If you are interested in Maggy please email Linzi@theforgottendog.org.