URGENT! $70/week paid foster for fostering the mama pit bull. Please help save an 11 month old mama pitbull and her seven 8 week old babies from being dumped at a local park!!! We have homes for two of the puppies, but we desperately need to find home for the others! We can offer $70/week paid foster (for the mama pit bull) for anyone who can help! A friend of the Foundation was contacted by a woman who is desperately trying to save this beautiful mama and babies from being “thrown away” by her estranged husband. He instructed her to throw them away at a park well known for illegal activity and violence. He does not live there so he is unaware that they are still there. However, he does stop by a few times a week and we are afraid of what he will do when he finds they are not gone. They are extremely sweet and adorable!!! They photograph much bigger than they really are. We also vaccinated and dewormed them. Please help us save these beautiful angels!!!! CONTACT linzi@theforgottendog.org or Vanessa at vnes_e@yahoo.com or call Vanessa at 818 233-9698.