It is with great sadness that I share the passing of my dog Preston – a tiny five pound chihuahua boy that was my very first rescue. He left us yesterday, at almost 18 years of age. Below, the last picture of him, and the first picture of him at eight weeks old, with my daughter Jordan. He was very healthy, apart from his eyesight, until almost the very end, when he started showing neurological signs and had a stroke.

I did not even know what a rescue dog was before we adopted him, and he opened that world up to me. Because of him, I have saved thousands and thousands of dogs, who have all gone on to have great lives. To honor Preston’s memory, we are saving two small male chihuahua’s this week. Bugsy arrived last night – an adorable 4 pound chi-boy with a mangled front leg from an old injury. Kipper, a 7 pound chi-boy, will be going straight to our vet tomorrow and then to a foster.

As everyone knows, I am a huge Chihuahua lover – and will continue to save the breed, because they are so overlooked. If you would like to honor the memory of Preston, and help us to continue to save these little guys, and others, please donate via Paypal – or through Venmo @TheForgottenDogLA. You can also mail a check to us at: 1112 Montana Ave suite 166, Santa Monica, Ca 90403.

Thank you so very much! RIP dearest boy. I will love you forever xoxo