Adult - Female
Adoptable Small Spayed/NeuteredUp-to-date with routine shotsPrefers No Kids


Meet our Blossom! She is one of the cutest little pups you ever met! Blossom is a 4 year old/11lb female Maltipoo (maltese/poodle mix) who came to us when we rescued her out of the shelter. Blossom was taken to the shelter by her owners where they asked for her to be euthanized after leaving her in a horrible condition! The shelter vet would not do it, and contacted us to rescue her. This poor little girl was dumped with a severe yeast infection covering her face down to her tail which left her skin warm and raw. She also had severe ear infections which were so painful. We placed her in a loving foster home where it took almost 7 months to get her back into a health state with a combination of a specific health diet, supplements, monthly grooming, and medicated baths. All of these thing will be REQUIRED by her new owner. She MUST have monthly grooming to keep her from breeding bacteria on her skin. She needs to stick to the diet we have her on to keep her from having allergy attacks, and she also needs her supplements to keep her skin as healthy as it can be. Blossom’s immune system was compromised by the way her owners left her and the vet said it will take at least another year or two, IF YOU STICK to the routine we have her on to get her 100% healthy again. We are looking for a home for her that will keep up this routine and is savvy enough to see the signs when a bit of a skin irritation comes up, or if she is shaking her ears (ear infection, or when she starts scratching and licking herself (yeast infection) and get her straight to the vet. She IS A dog that will probably have a few vet visits a year because of these issues, so she needs an owner that is financially capable of doing this. We want Blossom in a home with another CALM AND MELLOW type dog. She does like to play “a little” but isn’t very active, so no high energy pups for her. We don’t want her to be an ONLY DOG. If you do not have another dog and are home most of the day or work from home, then we will definitely consider that. She is a super sweet girl who is so chill and laid back that she could be the perfect pup to enjoy a day of Netflix binge watching! She loves her naps, short walks, and yummy treats! She would not be good in a home with children because she DOES NOT like being lugged around and carried, and will snap if she is bothered. She is ok with being picked up when you want to take her somewhere if you do it slowly and let her know what you are doing. Blossom has the cutest little short legs and will require doggy stairs to come up on the couch and the bed where she LOVES to be, so a home that doesn’t allow their pup on the furniture will not work, neither is a home that wants to crate her. One draw back she has is maybe once or twice a day she will pee in the house. She never poops in the house, but will pee. So a relaxed home that is ok with his is a plus and a home with carpet WILL DEFINITELY NOT work. Blossom is really the cutest thing you ever met and will make one lucky family very happy!!


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