Maltipoo - Young - Female
Adoptable Small Spayed/NeuteredUp-to-date with routine shotsPrefers No Kids


Our beautiful little Blossom is looking for her forever home! Blossom is a 4 year old, 11lb Maltipoo girl who was surrendered to the shelter by her owners. They claimed she was a senior with severe medical issues and needed to be euthanized. Low and behold, the shelter vet examined her and she was found to be only 3-4 years old with a severe skin issue, caused by years of neglect. The shelter volunteers reached out to us to see if we could take her into our rescue, and of course we could not leave this little one behind. Blossom came to us with one of the most severe skin issues we have seen. She had a yeast infection covering her body from her face down to her tail. She had barely any fur and her skin was completely raw. We immediately got her to a vet who got her on a good treatment plan and then onto her foster home who has been working with her to get her health back on the right track. This process has taken us a good 6 months to get her healthy enough to go up for adoption. Due to the condition that these former owners left her, per the vet, Blossom’s immune system was left compromised. This means that it will take her a good year or two to have a completely strong immune system once again. She gets reoccurring ear infections and skin flare up every once in awhile, so we are ONLY looking for a home for her that has the capability of caring for a dog like this. Blossom will need to be on a high grade dog food that we recommend along with home cooking added and supplements. She needs a home that will be observant of her changes and if they see something not right, will then take her into the vet right away. Blossom is a maltipoo and needs grooming once a month to keep her fur short which helps deter bacteria from breeding which can cause the skin flare ups. This little girl needs an adult only home. She is a bit picky about being picked up and when she is asleep she does not like to be moved or nudged. She gets very grumbly. Another note about Blossom is that she still goes potty in the house (pees). It is not that she is not potty trained (we have had her quite some time to figure this out), it is that she is stubborn and will just pee close by where she is in the house. She will use a potty pad if there is one around. She never poops in the house, but just seems to only pee inside, so a home with carpet would not be a good idea. She could be an apartment or condo dog because she is very quiet and doesn’t necessarily need a yard. She loves to snuggle with you in bed or on the couch, so she needs a home that allows their dog on the furniture. She has tiny and short legs so we will definitely require doggy stairs in the living room and in the bedroom. Blossom is great in the car and great on walks! This little girl is a tad dominant so she can either be an only dog if she has owners that are home most of the day or she can go into a home with a dog that is mellow and sweet and no bigger than her. She does not really like larger dogs. Blossom had a really rough beginning with owners that did not seem to care about her, but we will change that by finding her the best loving forever home we can!!

Blossom is microchipped, vaccinated, and spayed.