We were told about a very senior, neglected, tiny, four and a half pound chihuahua who was dumped at the Carson Shelter. He had terrible hair loss and a fractured leg that was never treated and healed badly. We rescued him, and named him BATMAN. When our rescue director, Gina, was at the shelter, she saw a little senior Shi-tzu boy in medical, who has a heart murmur, and no -one had stepped up for him, so we saved him, too. And then we were told about a 2.8 pound, twelve year old chihuahua at another shelter, so we saved her as well! We named her Sweet Pea.

All dogs are with loving foster and have been to the vet for the various treatments that they need. Heart meds, skin treatment, bloodwork, X-rays- you name it!

BATMAN is with a wonderful foster who just has one other senior dog.  Mr. Boo is loving life at his foster home and Sweet Pea might already have a wonderful forever home where there is another tiny senior.

PLEASE SHARE and remind people that SENIORS ARE SPECIAL and need love and care and RESCUE when they are dumped in their twilight years at the shelter. They deserve comfort, care and loving homes.

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