Muti needs your help!

Muti… the face of backyard breeding.

Dear All,

It is with great sadness that we share with you that our beloved, blind boy, Muti, recently passed away. Dogs with hydrocephalus often suffer from seizures and have delicate heads. Muti either had a seizure and hit his head, or hit his head and then had a seizure, we do not know 100 percent.

It happened early Tuesday morning when he was let outside for his potty break. All we heard was a thud and went running to find him unable to stand. We rushed him to his neurologist, Dr. Robles, in Culver City. By the time we got him to the vet, his fever was 107 and his blood pressure almost zero. They managed to stabilize him and get his blood pressure up and fever down and we went to see him on Wednesday night to try to feed him. He was in my lap but not eating but making his funny vocal sounds. I syringe fed him baby food, and left feeling optimistic that we would get our boy back, but during the night his fever spiked and he went into a coma.

At 6:00 am the vet called saying it was hopeless, and we gave them permission to euthanize him.

Muti was, in the short time we had him, such a happy boy, who played so well with other dogs and loved to lie in the cool of the early evening outside on a dog bed. He knew his foster home, both inside and out, so well and ran and romped as if he could see.

Muti, pronounced MOO-TEE, means good medicine in Zulu, and he was certainly good medicine for all of us.

We miss you and love you, our special Muti boy.



Muti, is a very sweet and loving, almost 12 week old, miniature Aussie Shepherd puppy that was taken by awful backyard breeders in Bakersfield (they had bred his mother 7 times in less than three years) to their vet to “kill him, because they couldn’t sell him!” Muti was saved by a vet assistant who refused to let this baby die. She reached out to our rescue to help this poor, emaciated and very shut down baby.

When The Forgotten Dog Foundation learned of his plight, we sent a very kind volunteer to Bakersfield immediately. We tried to get the information on the backyard breeders, but to no avail…we will keep trying!

Muti has hydrocephalus, but despite his issues (limited vision and he has had seizures, but only one with us) he is thriving! He has gained a ton of weight in two weeks and is romping and playing with other dogs now. He has learned to come to a clicking noise of the tongue and is just so smart and loving!

The good news is that after seeing Dr. Robles, a specialist at City of Angels, we were told that he is doing so well that nothing needs to be done for him at this time. We are praying that Muti continues to thrive.

Hydrocephalus meaning “water on the brain”. Most often the symptoms of hydrocephalus in dogs is depression, loss of movement coordination, eye abnormalities, seizures, vision problems and skull enlargement.

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