Pinky(the white one) and Peanut are our miracle puppies! They are now almost 12 weeks old and were rescued by our foundation when they were an hour old. Their poor mom was a tiny chi who arrived at a downtown vet clinic with two puppies already dead inside her! The owners waited too long to get her medical attention. An emergency C section was performed and Pinky and Peanut were saved, but their poor mom, who was septic, died that night. An incredible angel named Christina Becker stepped in immediately to foster and bottle feed the two little girls. She has had them from day-one and has seen them go from bottle feeding babies to adorable tiny pups who love to play with her cat and pitbull Bella! Pinky and Peanut are very bonded and we will not separate them, so we are looking for one home for both girls. We want a very safe and calm home, no chaos or anywhere where they could get hurt.

They are going to be very small, even full grown. Experienced small chihuahua owners would be ideal. We would like owners who are not gone all day and can devote lots of time and attention to the tiny pair.

Please do not contact us if you are only looking to adopt one of them. They absolutely are going to be adopted as a pair. Pups are vaccinated but not yet spayed or microchipped. They are still too young but will be spaying them when we feel
they are big enough.

There are no words to thank Christina for giving them unconditional love and round-the-clock care when they were tiny babies, and her continued care as the little girls went from bottle feeding to solid food. She truly saved their lives!