Louise – Extreme Rescue

For as many years as we have been rescuing dogs, the horrors of what we are sometimes presented never stops shocking and emotionally affecting us. The rescue of Louise is one such situation..

One of our prior adopters, Beth, was working at a school in South LA and saw this terribly matted dog walking with difficulty on the street, but she kept eluding her. Beth called our Executive Director, Linzi Glass immediately and she coached Beth on how to catch her, which thankfully she did. Louise, as you can see from the pictures, was in horrific shape and was taken immediately to our vets to be examined, but because of the severe matting it was hard to asses her.

We had planned to get her shaved but she was very reactive and in her condition we decided it would be best done under anesthesia. After the bloodwork was back later that day, it showed that Louise had pancreatitis.

After recovering from the  pancreatitis within a few days, ( the vet techs managed to cut the worst of the dreadlocks off of her) she was well enough to go under anesthesia to get completely shave and have a full dental.  Underneath all that matted fur it became obvious that Louise had a huge soft mass around her neck and a mass on her tail.

Louise is somewhere between 13 and 15  years old. How many years she had lived in that painful condition with dreadlocks even on her face, is unknown. She is also mostly blind!

We have decided to let her recuperate a bit first in a home environment with home cooked food before taking her to a surgeon to decide what is best for Louise.

Once at her fosters, Louise was bathed by our groomer with special medicated shampoo, and she is eating well and seems comfortable and relaxed. She is good with all people, dogs and cats and is a very easy dog.   She is no doubt very glad to be rid of all that matted hair!

We are looking for a calm loving long-term foster for this very special

Please contact us at 310 990 2020 or email info@theforgottendog.org
and include in the subject: LOUISE

More about Louise:
13 to 16 years old
Limited sight.
Being treated for ear infection
Skin issues
Has huge soft tissue mass on her neck and one on her tail.
Poodle mix
Weighs 22 pounds
Good with all dogs and people
Easy and grateful to be in a home!