The Forgotten Dog Foundation is pleased to announce the formation of a small dog, “Little’s Program” with good friends and fellow rescuers, Mandy and Jeremy DeGuc of SEVADOG in Eugene.

Mandy and Jeremy, who mostly focus on bully breeds, and take in so many from rescues in L.A. ,are the gold standard in how to rehabilitate and re-home a dog. We have been working with SEVADOG closely for over a year, and have sent many pit pups and adult pits up to them in that time period. We have been so impressed with their professional, yet completely hands on approach, and just like us, they are diligent, loving and super-careful with home checks and adoptions. They are also dog trainers, so all the dogs leave SEVADOG with excellent manners and training, and if there is a problem, Mandy and Jeremy are there for extra training or a quick tune up.

After a visit to their ZEN DEN in lovely Eugene, where the dogs live happily – it’s just like being in a home- Mandy and I discussed setting up a small dog program where we could start to send some of our adorable dogs, as well as bonded pairs, and hard to place dogs, that were having little interest in over- saturated dog rescue land in L.A.

Some minor construction and very attractive decorating was done so that the small dog ZEN DEN was ready for a few of our little’s!
Last Saturday, thanks to Eldad Hagar’s generosity and Yehuda Netanel of Wings of Rescue, five of our small dogs flew up to Eugene. A few tears were shed, especially for Bryant, our Maltipoo who has been with us for 2 years! But, once Mandy started sending happy pictures, all the tears ceased. As you can see, all the dogs are doing great!

SEVADOG and THE FORGOTTEN DOG share the belief that quality, not quantity is what best serves our rescue dogs, so that each dog can get all the care, vetting, grooming, training and attention that he/she deserves. None of our dogs go into homes without collars, tags, martingales and a very thorough home check done. Both our groups believe in a trial period, so that we can all be certain that this is the right match for pup and person. We also both take back all dogs within that trail period, and will take back any dog for the rest of their lives. It is THE FORGOTTEN DOG FOUNDATION’s privilege and honor to be in partnership with SEVADOG in this exciting new LITTLE’S PROGRAM.

We are excited to send the next group of little dogs up as soon as SEVADOG has placed the first five.

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