We love our dogs and want them to be our constant companion. For some that means leaving their canines in the car while doing errands, which can be a fatal error in judgment. Most people don’t realize how fast the inside of a car heats up. For instance, when the temperature outside is 77 degrees, the inside of your car, even with the windows cracked, could reach 98 degrees. On 90-degree days, the inside of your automobile could skyrocket to 161 degrees. Your car becomes an oven, resulting in nerve damage, heart problems and ultimately the death of your beloved best friend.

You also risk your dog being stolen. Following the theft of dogs from backyards and in front of stores, this is the third most common dog-napping scenario. So if you love your dogs, leave them at home, inside, where they will be safe and cool!

It also highly recommended that you microchip your pets (be sure to register your contact information) and secure the chip tag, along with a regular ID tag, to their collar. If your pet were to become lost, the odds of someone helping him/her are greater if the person is able to quickly call the number on the tag. However, if the tags were to fall off and your animal was taken to a vet or shelter, a scan of the microchip could be the only way they will find their way home to you.

Perhaps you cannot imagine a scenario in which your dog or cat could become lost. However, may dogs get out when gardeners and other workers leave gates open. We also live in earthquake country… anything can happen, so we must take every precaution to protect our pets.