Summer is coming which means more dogs will be out and about with their owners.

People always want to pet dogs that they see on the street, but there is the right and wrong way to approach a dog. Get ready to learn how to say hello the right way!

Consider it from the dog’s point of view. What if strangers rushed up to you with their hand in your face, talking high-pitched baby-talk? How about if a stranger ran up to you and gave you a “hello” bear hug?

The proper way to greet a dog is to turn your body sideways with no eye-to-eye contact. Do not reach for the dog but rather allow the dog to take a few steps towards you and smell you. Stay calm and as tempting as it is, avoid speaking in an excited, high-pitched, whiny tone. You may then pet the dog calmly and gently; avoid getting the dog excited which would only make it harder for the owners to carry on after you walk away.

That is greeting a dog in dog language in a non-confrontational way, while at the same time respecting both dog and owner.