We all loved our little DOT, an adorable tiny chi that the East Valley shelter named SMILEY because of her adorable mouth that was shaped in an upward smile. But the plea that came into our mailbox almost 3 years ago, saying she was not going to make it out unless rescue stepped up immediately, would have taken away that smile away forever.

So, not even thinking that we hardly needed another chihuahua, we said yes, and got her out immediately.

DOT was an absolute joy that we all loved, but with so many other rescue chi’s, finding the right home took a very, very long time, but when it arrived, it was the perfect home for her!!! Anna and Pele, the gorgeous couple pictured in the last shot, knew that Dot, now named Rosie, would be the ideal mate for their dog Milou, who was still in Sweden. Rosie lived a spoiled-rotten life in Brentwood with Pele and Anna for six months until they all finally flew to pick up Milou in Sweden.

The pictures speak for themselves…! The happy family will be returning to Brentwood at the end of the month.

Just like a Disney movie…don’t we all love a happy ending!