Santa Monica, Calif., December 20, 2012 – A dog rescue group, THE FORGOTTEN DOG FOUNDATION, that saves dogs from the streets and shelters of greater Los Angeles, is offering to fly their kid-friendly rescue dogs to the families who lost their loved ones in the Newtown massacre, and to those families whose children were fortunate to have survived, but are traumatized by the horrific event, and would benefit from some four-legged love. Executive Director of The Forgotten Dog Foundation, Linzi Glass, said she has not stopped thinking, crying and praying for those who died, and for their families, and she wants to do something to help.


“As a Children’s book author, teacher, mother and a dog rescuer, I felt helpless reading and watching the coverage of this unspeakable tragedy, until I saw what joy and comfort the Golden Retriever therapy dogs have brought to the community, but knowing that they were only there temporarily, I realized we could offer long-term furry comfort to those in need, after the media and caring strangers are gone. Our dogs have known awful times themselves, but since they were rescued, given love, and lots of good food and care, they are now thriving. These pups all seem to have a level of love, gratitude and empathy that is just extraordinary. If we can help even one child who has lost a sibling or is now traumatized from what they lived through benefit from the love of one of our rescue dogs–we will be there–wagging tails and licks in tow.”

Glass said that their foundation would cover the cost of getting the dogs delivered to the families, or would get a sponsor to cover the cost. Families interested in a dog can contact The Forgotten Dog Foundation directly, to discuss which dog (s) they are interested in, or they can have a foundation volunteer guide them as to which pooch would be a good fit for them.
Families will fill out an application online and arrange a date to have the dog brought to their home. The foundation would offer a two week trial period for the families to make sure that the dog is a good fit for them, and will take the dog back in the event that the placement does not work out.

Contact: Linzi Glass
310 990-2020
Or to reach Linzi call:
310 880-3861

View the full press release here.