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Happy Holidays 2020

Happy Holidays 2020

Dear Friends, Adopters, Volunteers, Fosters and Supporters of The Forgotten Dog Foundation,

It goes without saying that 2020 has been a very trying and challenging year for everyone.

We hope that you and your loved ones are staying safe and healthy – no doubt we all looking forward to a much better 2021.

While the pandemic has been awful for us, it has been mostly good for our rescue dogs. With so many people at home, we had multiple requests to foster, and adopted many of our dogs into amazing homes, with some of our long-time, not easy to place dogs finally finding loving forever owners.

We understand that this has been a stressful financial year for most – donations were naturally way down this year, so your continued support means more to us now than ever. Every donation helps, no matter how big or small, and makes it possible for us to save dogs in need. All donations are tax-deductible.

Below are some very happy moments and adoptions from 2020. We hope these uplifting doggy-tales bring some light to your holidays.

Wishing you and your loved ones a healthy, joyous and safe holiday season and a happy New Year.

With gratitude and appreciation,
Linzi, Gina and The Forgotten Dog Team.

A 501(c)3 non-profit organization




Katie, Sam, Pepe, Tato, Ben and Bowie and Layla and Lula are all dogs that were in our foundation for  between one year and seven years. Some, we thought, would never be adopted, and would be with us forever. We were proved wrong! Kind, patient people- otherwise known as ANGELS appeared this year and were willing to work through the issues, emotional or medical, that these dogs had. We are THRILLED that they are now all adopted!



This is  Richard and Barry. We are Katie’s new daddy’s. Katie also has a brother name PNut. 

She is the most beautiful little girl who has been a wonderful addition to our family. Our first meeting I knew she was one! 

Our experience with Linzi and Gina at The forgotten dog was amazing! They both made the adoption of Katie so easy and stress free. We are so happy and thankful for Katie! She is so precious to us!

I can’t say enough about The Forgotten Dog foundation and the excellent work they do to find forever homes for the dogs they rescue.  Thank you again for our precious Katie!

Richard, Barry, PNut, and Katie, Long Beach



Monk (SAM)  is the embodiment of a ‘good boy’. He’s the furry glue that made us a family and we are so excited for everything to come.

Everyday is an adorable new adventure.

Alicia and Jack, Santa Monica



Welcome to your forever home, Layla and Lulu. You make us laugh every day and are so full of love. So much gratitude to Linzi and Gina for rescuing these precious girls and taking the time to make sure the transition would be a success. We are all overjoyed.

Kirsten, David, and Anorah, Tarzana 



Tato has brought joy to our little family.  Willow gained a best friend and we gained a goofy puppy companion.  The puppies are constantly playing and getting into mischief together. They’re our little ying/yang, they balance each other perfectly.  We could not imagine a more perfect fit.

Meredith and Kevin, Long Beach



Bowie and Ben bring us constant joy. When they met (Bowie came to us in June 2018 and Ben in November) it was clear they were meant to be together. They are yin and yang, frick and frack and so different while being so similar. The kindest, purest dogs we have ever met. We are grateful to now call them our own —— two years later. Fostering is so fulfilling and I’m glad to call us foster fails! ♥️

Sara and Cam, Santa Monica



The love of the Forgotten Dog Foundation nurtured Pepe until he found his forever home. We don’t feel like we just adopted a dog. We built a wonderful friendship with the foundation too. Pepe runs our house and fills it with more love than we could have thought imaginable. He loves walks with dad and sunbathing by the pool, but nothing comes close to bedtime cuddles with mom. We couldn’t love Pepe more!!!

Rita and Adam, West Hills






Daisy means everything to me.. could not have made it this far in the Pandemic without her.

Cathy & Daisy, Los Angeles





We lost our tiger beau after a long cancer battle we’d had him for 13 years and he was truly an extension of our family. Our true fur child. We were devastated and vowed never to become pet owners again…. and then we stumbled across a little photo and bio of Oliver. I can’t explain it but something connected and we got in the car and went out to visit him within a few days. After a playdate and introduction we drove home and we just knew. We called the Forgotten dog within the next couple of days and asked for Oliver to become part of our family. What none of us knew at the time was that Oliver had a past that left him with a little fear and anxiety. The Forgotten dog worked with us every step of the way in every which way they could. They overextended themselves with resources for us to help Oliver acclimate to his new home and overcome his past. It was challenging but the Forgotten dog rose to the challenge and today Oliver is a happy bouncy shiny laughing silly wonderful addition to our family and we are so grateful to have him and to have had the support that we had from the Forgotten dog Foundation all along the way.

Skylar and Juan, West Hollywood



Petal is now our sweet little Daisy️ She has brought pure love and joy to our family and has made our life complete. She and Milo are best friends and inseparable. THANK YOU for bringing us together!!

Alma, Allen and family, Yorba Linda 




This year has been an especially strange and scary time, so adopting Quincy has not only been a huge comfort but the much needed joy our home needed. During a time where we can’t see family or friends, Quincy has become both. After just day one of fostering Q, we instantly bonded and I knew that we would be family forever. Extremely grateful to The Forgotten Dog Foundation for saving Quincy and so many other dogs like him who deserve to be loved and cared for, and finding them forever homes.

Erica and Adam, La Canada


Adopting Will for my daughter Maddie was the best decision. She loves and cares for him and he loves her back! Will was so scared and broken when we adopted him. You would never know that now! He is leash trained, loves walks and when we come home he zips around the house with excitement like a puppy. Adoption was easy and Linzi and Gina are great people to deal with!

Rachelle and daughter Maddie, Newport Beach 



Adopting Charlie has been one of the greatest gifts of our lives! Charlie is such a family dog and wants nothing more than to be snuggled up with my two young children. Working with The Forgotten Dog was so great because I felt like they were really invested in the kind of life that their dogs would end up having.

Stacey and Steve Rifkin and family, Toluca Lake 



Toby has been a part of our family since May 2020. Due to his troubled past, he has been a little challenging but he is getting more and more acclimated to his stable routine. He loves to go to work with mommy and is a great cuddler. Having lost my senior dog a few months prior, Toby & I both fill a loving void for each other.

Margherita and Dane, Burbank 


Stevie has absolutely brightened up our lives, especially in this crazy year! She sits by Maria’s side while she teaches remotely and snuggles Hilary when she gets home from working at the hospital every day.

Maria and Hilary, Sherman Oaks 



Cinnamon aka Charlie has been a joy and a love! She has brought so much laughter to our home with her big personality!  We feel blessed to have met you, Linzi and admire the rescue work you do! Happy Holidays!

Brett, Carolyn and family, Rancho Santa Margarita


Lola has brought nothing but joy to our lives. She has been so loving and brave, traveling with us everywhere. We are blown away at how much she has grown and are absolutely thrilled to be her forever home

Krista and Steven, Santa Monica 



Stella has brought an incredible amount of joy and love into our lives, especially given how difficult this year has been. Her spunky personality always makes us laugh, and her sweet and cuddly side can cheer us up on any day! We are so grateful that Stella came in to our lives. And she taught us that senior dogs rule!! 🙂

Joanna and Evan, Marina Del Rey



He is the light of our life and gods precious gift of this baby boy to us during these difficult times. He’s so handsome, cute, smart as a whip, funny, playful and everyone knows him now in the neighborhood.   He has lots of doggie friends. Everyone loves Toddy!

We are a complete and happy family now that Toddy is in our lives ️️

Valerie and Irwin, Playa Vista



Thanks to The Forgotten Dog Foundation and his fosters, Nelson was well taken care of before he found his forever home with us. We are so incredibly thankful. This good boy has changed our lives and reminds us that treats and belly rubs really do make everything better.

We really could not have asked for a better rescue experience. It was meant to be!

Carolina and Kyle, Los Angeles 


I’ve had a decade long relationship with the Forgotten Dog – I adopted Nelson in 2010 and then in the beginning of the pandemic March 2020  I adopted Nina (chocolate brown girl in pic) Thank you Linzi for knowing the perfect dogs for me  – and to Gina and all of you at F. D.! What a blessing these two precious dogs are in my life. 

Barbara, Pasadena



The Forgotten Dog Foundation is fantastic.  I am so grateful for Chappy.

Lindee, Pacific Palisades

Louise – Extreme Rescue

Louise – Extreme Rescue

For as many years as we have been rescuing dogs, the horrors of what we are sometimes presented never stops shocking and emotionally affecting us. The rescue of Louise is one such situation..

One of our prior adopters, Beth, was working at a school in South LA and saw this terribly matted dog walking with difficulty on the street, but she kept eluding her. Beth called our Executive Director, Linzi Glass immediately and she coached Beth on how to catch her, which thankfully she did. Louise, as you can see from the pictures, was in horrific shape and was taken immediately to our vets to be examined, but because of the severe matting it was hard to asses her.

We had planned to get her shaved but she was very reactive and in her condition we decided it would be best done under anesthesia. After the bloodwork was back later that day, it showed that Louise had pancreatitis.

After recovering from the  pancreatitis within a few days, ( the vet techs managed to cut the worst of the dreadlocks off of her) she was well enough to go under anesthesia to get completely shave and have a full dental.  Underneath all that matted fur it became obvious that Louise had a huge soft mass around her neck and a mass on her tail.

Louise is somewhere between 13 and 15  years old. How many years she had lived in that painful condition with dreadlocks even on her face, is unknown. She is also mostly blind!

We have decided to let her recuperate a bit first in a home environment with home cooked food before taking her to a surgeon to decide what is best for Louise.

Once at her fosters, Louise was bathed by our groomer with special medicated shampoo, and she is eating well and seems comfortable and relaxed. She is good with all people, dogs and cats and is a very easy dog.   She is no doubt very glad to be rid of all that matted hair!

We are looking for a calm loving long-term foster for this very special

Please contact us at 310 990 2020 or email
and include in the subject: LOUISE

More about Louise:
13 to 16 years old
Limited sight.
Being treated for ear infection
Skin issues
Has huge soft tissue mass on her neck and one on her tail.
Poodle mix
Weighs 22 pounds
Good with all dogs and people
Easy and grateful to be in a home!

Happy Holidays


Dear supporters and friends of The Forgotten Dog Foundation,

This has been a challenging year for our rescue organization, but we prevailed. 2019 was our year of saving mostly senior, shelter and medical dogs. We were very glad to have helped them all – many were dogs that no-one else would step up for, and our medical and veterinary costs far exceeded previous years. As a result, we are in need of your support now more than ever.

We are, of course, so very grateful to all of you who helped throughout the year with donations to assist some of these costly medical dogs. A big thanks to you all.

We would greatly appreciate your commitment and support to help us in 2020, so that we may continue to rescue the truly forgotten dogs that are old, injured, impaired and broken. We also rescued a large number of Chihuahua’s of all ages, that many consider hard to place. The shelters in Greater Los Angeles are inundated with this breed. Chihuahuas also make up a large percentage of strays on the streets. Sadly, along with Pitbulls, Chihuahuas, and Chi mixes, are the most euthanized in our city and county shelters. We also never forget about the bully breeds and currently have 5 with fosters in our organization that all need forever homes.

On a brighter note, we found wonderful homes for many of our dogs this year, and we will share some pics and happy endings.

As you know, all of our dogs live in foster homes. None are in caged facilities. We pride ourselves on first-class vet care, hands-on attention, grooming, healthy food – often home cooked by our fosters, and we never give up on a single dog, no matter how long it takes to find them a forever home. Home checks and two-week trial periods are required for every dog that gets adopted. We take back any dog that does not work out, even years later. We also do not believe in ever splitting up bonded pairs. Dogs with behavioral issues all go to our trainers before they are placed. This is our tenth year as a foundation and our motto remains quality rescue, with no corners ever cut. It is our belief that every dog we save does not just deserve a better life, but the greatest life ever!

Thank you for helping us to give these dogs THE GREATEST LIVES EVER!

Wishing you and your loved-ones, and furry family members a happy holiday season and all the best for 2020.

With gratitude,


Linzi Glass and The Forgotten Dog Foundation Team

A 501(c) 3 non-profit organization








An Urgent Forgotten Dog Rescue


We were told about an emergency situation… a woman left her husband and four dogs, and moved out. After several months the husband threatened to open the back gate and let the four small dogs go! Three were younger, one was a senior chihuahua. All lived outside. We immediately contacted the woman before her soon-to-be ex husband could act on his threat, and saved all four dogs.

Three of the dogs were young and in decent shape, so another rescue that we work with kindly agreed to take them. We took the older chihuahua —  Sunny — into our rescue, as we know how much harder it is to place medical, senior dogs.

We had been told that she had weak back legs and eyesight issues. After we got Sunny, who is super sweet and very happy to be indoors and eating cooked chicken, we took her to our vet who X-rayed her legs and back.

Sunny has IVDD a degenerative disc disease, which affects her ability to hold herself up for long periods of time, and walk properly, although she does get around pretty well. She is also mildly incontinent, as a result, and we put her in diapers to keep her dry.

We are looking for a CALM and loving permanent home for this very special girl. She would be best with owners who can devote time and attention to her and are home a lot, or work from home.

She is gentle and sweet and good with all other dogs. We assume cats, too.



Our senior shelter dogs


We were told about a very senior, neglected, tiny, four and a half pound chihuahua who was dumped at the Carson Shelter. He had terrible hair loss and a fractured leg that was never treated and healed badly. We rescued him, and named him BATMAN. When our rescue director, Gina, was at the shelter, she saw a little senior Shi-tzu boy in medical, who has a heart murmur, and no -one had stepped up for him, so we saved him, too. And then we were told about a 2.8 pound, twelve year old chihuahua at another shelter, so we saved her as well! We named her Sweet Pea.

All dogs are with loving foster and have been to the vet for the various treatments that they need. Heart meds, skin treatment, bloodwork, X-rays- you name it!

BATMAN is with a wonderful foster who just has one other senior dog.  Mr. Boo is loving life at his foster home and Sweet Pea might already have a wonderful forever home where there is another tiny senior.

PLEASE SHARE and remind people that SENIORS ARE SPECIAL and need love and care and RESCUE when they are dumped in their twilight years at the shelter. They deserve comfort, care and loving homes.

PLEASE help us save more dogs like BATMAN, MR BOO AND SWEET PEA by clicking on the DONATE button for the THREE SENIOR SHELTER DOGS.


Update to The Forgotten Dog LV

The Forgotten Dog Foundation, a California nonprofit corporation, which is based in Los Angeles, has started the legal process of closing its division in Las Vegas (commonly referred to by those in Las Vegas as “The Forgotten Dog LV”). This division was less than a year old. The Nevada withdrawal documents will be posted as soon as the Nevada Secretary of State returns a filed copy to us. 

PLEASE NOTE AND BEWARE: Any rescue group with the words “The Forgotten Dog” or “Dogs” that is currently operating in Nevada has NO CONNECTION TO THE FORGOTTEN DOG FOUNDATION WHATSOEVER. Please also be aware that the solicitation of charitable contributions by entities that have not properly registered in the State of Nevada to make such solicitations is illegal. Further, donations made to entities that are not recognized as 501(c)(3) organizations are not tax deductible by donors, so prior to making any “donations” to any entity claiming to be a “charity” or “recognized as a 501(c)(3)”, be sure to confirm this status by searching its name on the IRS charity check website:

The Forgotten Dog Foundation is a reputable 501(c)(3) organization that was formed in 2010. Any use of our name, intellectual property of any kind, Employer Identification Number (EIN), logo, content, social media posts, website posts, foster agreements, adoption contracts or applications will have legal ramifications. 

We have no other rescue dogs in Las Vegas up for adoption. No further adoption events will take place in Nevada.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter please contact

Adoption Event – 9/28

Medical Donations Needed to Save Two Lives


We have wonderful news!  Because of you, we were able to raise enough funds.  Both Mama Layla and Tiny Bubbles had their surgeries are are doing well!  Watch the videos below to see them now!

Thank you for all of your support!



Dear Friends, 

I am reaching out to you today because we have two tiny dogs, both under 6 pounds, that need your immediate help so that we can save their lives.

Please read their stories below and donate so that we can save them!  We will be eternally grateful to you!

All donations are tax deductible.


Tiny Mama Layla needs surgery ASAP!

Running as a stray, with another little chihuahua, on the streets of Norwalk, a very pregnant tiny, five-and-a-half pound dog was finally caught a few days ago with the other little chihuahua, probably a puppy of hers from a prior litter.

We rushed mama, now named Layla to the vet because we could see a little foot stuck, a puppy unable to get out. An emergency C-section was done, but unfortunately the one puppy died, but the other one, a little girl, made it! I had mama and baby and the other little boy chi all together at my house and all seemed fine, until Layla stopped eating and the puppy stopped nursing as she appeared to not have enough milk. We immediately got the pup to our very best bottle feeder and mama to a specialty vet where we just learned that she is bleeding internally and has a severe infection. At this point, the specialists at MASH need to go in and stop the bleeding.

The estimate quoted is between $2,935.00 and $5,937.95. This includes rescue discount.

Please see the picture and video of mama Layla and her baby and help us to save her by donating online here:

Please put LEYLA in the subject line.




Bubbles, a tiny four-pound Chihuahua pup of ten months old was rescued by our Vegas division, The Forgotten Dog L.V.

It soon became apparent that there was something wrong with her heart, and after bringing her to the cardiologist at ACCESS in Los Angeles we learned that she had a hole in her heart that needed to be closed (called a PDA). This is a life-saving procedure that will ensure that she will become a normal and healthy pup, who can lead a totally normal life post-surgery. We had a pup named Fiona who had this same surgery earlier this year and she was adopted and spends her days playing with her new brother, Bernie.

Bubble’s surgery is set for next Wednesday, September 18th, and the estimate for her surgery is between $4,414.90 – $4,584.90

We have raised some of the money but still need more.

Please help Bubbles live a healthy and happy life by donating here:

Please write BUBBLES in the subject line.


If you would like to pay the vets directly, please contact me at

If you would like to send a check please make the check out to:



1112 Montana Avenue, suite 166

Santa Monica, Ca 90403

Please put BUBBLES OR LEYLA in the subject line.




With gratitude,


Luke and Wiley

A BONDED PAIR – LUKE AND WILEY, and now one is no more…

Eldad Hagar of Hope For Paws rescued Wiley almost ten years ago.

He was a stray, in the desert, living on rocks and plastic bags, that we later found in his stomach via X-Ray.

He had been shot at with pellets, (some were removed and some still remain inside him) and he was trying to walk on a broken hip, after being struck by a truck. Once Eldad rescued him, The Forgotten Dog immediately brought Wiley into our rescue, and after months of rehabilitation and medical care, our exec director, Linzi Glass, decided to adopt him.

Within a year a dog named Luke was rescued by us – he was semi- feral and at the Downey shelter set to be euthanized. Luke quickly became very attached to Wiley. It was clear that he was not adoptable, so he became Wiley’s life-long companion, or “The Bodyguard” as he was called. He never left Wiley’s side for almost nine years the two were inseparable. Wiley, now a 13 year old senior, had a medical set-back almost two years ago and Luke was right there to nurse him back to health.

Tragically, Luke took a sudden and very drastic turn a month ago, and after every possible medical intervention, he was clearly not going to make it. We brought him home for a final week with Wiley, and then we had to let him go. Wiley is not the same without his best friend. We know that one day they will be together again.

Our foundation never separates bonded pairs, no matter how long it takes for them to be adopted, we wait patiently, until that perfect home comes along for both dogs.


Please donate in memory of LUKE, and in honor of all bonded pairs, who deserve to stay together.


Toyota of Glendale’s 3rd Annual Adopt a Pet Event