We wanted to share with you our latest rescue of 17 dogs living in a prison-like environment.

Three weeks ago, we were contacted by our good friend, Esmeralda Alvarez, who is a cat rescuer. While clearing out a back-house of 30 cats, she discovered a horrific situation – 16 small dogs stacked one on top of the other, kept in covered crates 24/7. There was also a neglected Pitbull out back. The confined dogs were let out twice a day to go to the bathroom, and then put back in their crates. They were fed, but no medical care or grooming was ever done, regardless of their condition. Some were kept this way for months, others, sadly years. After several conversations, the woman agreed to relinquish them all to us.

We were determined to get this situation resolved very quickly, and went into action the next day, which was a Monday.

We are pleased to tell you that within FIVE DAYS – that Friday- we had all the dogs out, medically treated and all were with fosters either with us or with the two other rescues that stepped in to help- Deity Animal Rescue and DaisyLu Ranch Foundation. We are so grateful to both of them! A huge thanks to Alex Tonner/PawsForLife K9 Rescue for agreeing to house the 12 non-medical dogs at her facility until they went to fosters, and for taking the Pitbull Athena into her organization.

First, our vet tech/groomer Abe Munguia went to assess all the dogs and had five taken directly to our vet, Veterinary Care Center, as they needed immediate medical attention. Four were seniors.

The following day, with the incredible help of Alex Tonner, Founder/President of Paws For Life K9 Rescue, the remaining 12 dogs were housed at her facility, and were also vaccinated and vet checked. Alex took the Pitbull, Athena, immediately into her organization.

We were very fortunate that Ellen Ballon Dante and Hannah Strader from Deity Animal Rescue were at Alex’s facility when the dogs arrived. They landed up taking four lucky dogs that day, and then another four a few days later!

After extensive medical care and major grooming, three of the seniors, Oreo, Franco and Valentino went into our good friend, Toni Vanston’s senior sanctuary, DaisyLu Ranch Foundation. Toni only takes in a small number of seniors and hospice dogs, and they all get lots of personal attention.

The tiniest and oldest, an 18 -year-old Pekingese named Priscilla, now named June, is in a forever foster with a wonderful vet tech named Jeanna. Priscilla was in terrible shape, but now, after medical care, grooming and meds, she is a happy spoiled princess!

The remaining dogs, Chewy, Pupperin (now named Pony) and King, are all with our wonderful fosters Jenna, Italia, and new fosters, Julian and Mike.

It took a determined group of people to have these dogs go from living in stacked crates, many in pain, and matted, to being in loving foster homes IN FIVE DAYS!!!!!! A huge thanks to all who were involved and made this urgent rescue possible. And a special thanks to cat rescuers Esmeralda and Drew, and vet tech Abe for being on the front line of this rescue. Gratitude goes to Veterinary Care Center, especially Earl, who let us bring the five medical dogs in immediately, despite the fact that they were fully booked.

The medical bills, as you can well imagine were extensive – the cost to date is $12,000.

Medical included:  two neuters, an extensive dental, senior panel bloodwork, eye testing and meds, ear medicines, urine and ear cytology’s, X-rays, Ultrasounds, cardiology consult and King still needs to go to an eye specialist, scheduled for June 30th.

We would so appreciate any donation that you are able to make. We know this is a financially challenging time for many, so any amount would be appreciated.